The not so Cliche duo: Sweater dresses and Bombers Jackets.

Just as winter demands for warmer clothes, Hyderabad always impends on staying warm all year-long. Coming from a desert country, winters are something I always enjoyed. My attention was always on purchasing cute apparel which balanced being chic and also made me feel cozy. My creative efforts of binding snuggly pieces from all of the winter picks has always been amusing. Lately, my brother and I started to spend a lot of time on fashion talks, shopping, giving silly bits of advice to each other. Continue reading

What world taught in 2017

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Unsure what inspired me to write this but all I wanted was to thank the past year for teaching me what I have learnt. 2017 was a great year, a year I’m really going to remember. Remarkably, this year I can clearly state that something within me changed. What has changed is magical and still a discovery.

We are all a part of the growing world and cling to the worldly aspects or happenings. Many of us fail to recognize the dullness, where as many blossom with joy. A drill we all do when its the year-end, list all the events of the past and annually label it as a good year or a bad one. I was hallucinating the days of 2017 too, and only to know that its only a phase which is here to teach me lessons, those which verse only through experiences.

Over the year I almost discovered a new side of myself, someone who was just carefree, someone expanded and someone very new. I learnt that inhibitions is just a word made by the crowd and you can be what you wish to be. Nothing on the planet can govern you, its only you. To the list of know-how’s, one necessary thing is being yourself and loving yourself dearly. We all are different beings, we talk differently, our liking’s and interests are different, we live different lifestyles, yet we are all the same, we are one.

Seemingly or unseemingly, a natural phenomena draws us to combat the whole world and fade our own glory. We only fail to descry that the vicious side of the globe is only created by misery and suffering of the thoughts and negative emotions, and on the contrary there’s a vivacious upside-down to the same. It’s only the degree of awareness you have to sculpt which will bring you to blossoming.

Over the year, I’ve learnt to love myself selflessly, and smile always. Smile when you receive hate, smile wider when your receive love and joy.  It’s in silence you energize your inner self, and watch how all the hate and negativity melt to you and your credo. That’s how you’ll be peculiar. Breaking all my barriers, everything that held me behind back in 2017. Thank  you 2017.