Spring-summer WIW series: Architectural Jury.

Hello world. A warm hug and loads of love to all you blossoming people out there. For those who were looking out for content on fashion niche, for those who missed some dress up going on here, well consider me back. I wanted to try out some different content for my blog, and of course, architecture always magnetizes attention and never fails to attract time towards it. Spring is my favorite season of all the four. I was born in spring Continue reading

Yog-istically True.

Hello beautiful people, hope your new year is going applauding-ly well. I’ve been spending tons of time following my body, mind and am in love with the feeling of immense self discovery. Its been time I’ve actually shot for this particular blog post, and the cause for the delay is certainly the bug which pushed me to dive deeper into the essence of yoga. 

Its years since I’ve been introduced Continue reading