Spring-summer WIW series: Architectural Jury.

Hello world. A warm hug and loads of love to all you blossoming people out there. For those who were looking out for content on fashion niche, for those who missed some dress up going on here, well consider me back. I wanted to try out some different content for my blog, and of course, architecture always magnetizes attention and never fails to attract time towards it. Spring is my favorite season of all the four. I was born in spring and being a spring child, never fail to cherish everything blooming around. I will be doing a ‘ Spring What I wore series’. I love the idea of a whole spring outfit series, but I’ve always been a girl who loves to dress according to the occasion by incorporating the hint of the seasonal trends at the same time. Do let me know if you’ll want to see another post just on spring clothing separately.
Well talking about architecture, it undoubtedly takes immense of patience, hard work, passion, creativity, love and dedication. But guess what to me, fashion, dance, meditation and architecture are something which completely run parallel. It’s like a see-saw when parallel to the ground.

In the boulevard of my journey, I’ve always looked into having immense passion towards fashion and the discovery of architecture has added a new vision towards design.. At a very young age, my parents coached me on the importance of making an impression through your personality. How I look into a dynamic self, is being free from body and mind and on the same note I believe in being applauding inside—out. When you really are in an interview, a jury, a council does your portfolio speak or is it you?
To me, clothing plays an extremely important role in making me feel confident and special. Obviously counting as a priority on the morning of every big day. Here’s an outfit I put together for my architectural jury. Scroll.. scroll…scroll… ↓↓↓↓


Okay, firstly I’d like to emphasis my inclination towards comfortable bottoms. As a dancer I always loved wearing joggers and sweatpants, but to pull of the same look formally I collected many carrot pants over the years. That’s always been my personal style. Looser pants and tighter tops. Through this year, paper bag pants have made a mark, I couldn’t have been happier to find a trend which somehow fits into my style. Get your hands on one of these because they are here to stay.

This year’s spring-summer is all about sheer and ruffle trends, SS18 we can expect more than just see-through statement and through it all ruffle sleeves are something to eye on.

I teamed both these trending pieces together for my architectural jury which happened to welcome the spring. My idea was to keep the look simple yet keeping it different and creative. So I played with two colors which are individually very subtle but complement each other and add a very modern-day women kinda vibe to your personality.


I paired the same with a pair of black stilettos, you can option the footwear with some brogues or Oxford shoes for a long day comfort.



Stilettos:  Forever21.

Sunglasses:  RayBans P.


Stay tuned until the next in the same series. Loadsss of love to each and every one. Know that you are special and are here to be unique.
Tell me how you liked this look. If you happen to use the same into your lookbook, do tag me, would love to see it.

And to the most important part of this post, my collab with these amazing photographers, ROHIT YADAV and ABHAY KUMAR. Head up to their instagram handles and hit the follow button.

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