Importance of reading everyday.

Olaaa Amigos. I was boomed with the response on my last blog post. So glad that my readers love the lifestyle niche too. So, on the same idea, I wanted to emphasize on another couple of lifestyle-related posts for you’ll. I will be sharing a couple of things I do as a daily routine and would love to know how you’ll like my journey.As a young teenager, I always loved reading books. I would involve myself completely in a story and feel as though I was living the story. I was more inclined to the teenage drama when I chose books back then. Unknowingly my interest in philosophical writings grew immensely. As a childhood learning, I always strive to emote my hundred percent when I do any chore. With the haze of the ongoing activities I engaged myself into in the past year, I lost my frequency with reading books. When I saw the new year coming, I realized that if I had to set up a resolution I totally had to reconnect with reading. It’s been three months since the year has begun, and my love for reading has grown endless.

This was one post I waited to write the most. Starting off as a blogger I’d not want to suggest my readers or viewers anything that personally hasn’t worked for me by any means. And so, taking a good observational time, I sat down to share my experience on how reading has pulled a different vision in me.

How often do you read? Once a day, a month, how often?

Reading anything definitely adds a different dimension in various ways. As a child, each one of us is taught to read. Parents read bedtime stories to their tods, and once a child learns to read himself, a dozen of fairy tales and stories are his interest. Majority of the life skills are learnt as a child are through these stories and are solely responsible for developing the art of decision-making. This is what we lived by as a toddler and a school kid. But does this apply to the adults too?

To my learning, the answer is definitely a yes. Doesn’t matter what you read, but in the process, you are skillfully exercising your brain. Just like your body, your brain too requires exercise to help build stronger and sharper thinking. Undoubtedly, I’ve seen a reconstruction in my thought process and concentration. From my observation, I’d like to list down some core benefits of reading regularly.

  1. Stability in thoughts.
  2. Increased concentration.
  3. Reading can make you more empathetic.
  4. Brushing up your vocabulary.
  5. Improved writing skills.
  6. Stress reduction and metal relaxation:Imagine experiencing a bad day at work, followed by deadly traffic drives, and a bundle of pending chores piled up on your mind and then opening a fine novel or an article. A well-written piece can distract you and bring your mind to the present moment and hence cutting out on the stress levels.
  7. Better mental stimulation
  8. Knowledge

I bet there’s no denial in the applauding benefits reading has. The beautiful side of this practice is the never-ending and overflowing range of subjects you can read, discover and learn from. I’ll be soon sharing other thoughts on the same subject and until then stay tuned.

Give this post some love if you love reading and amuse it too. Much love to all you beautiful people out there.

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Happy reading to you’ll.


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