Yog-istically True.

Hello beautiful people, hope your new year is going applauding-ly well. I’ve been spending tons of time following my body, mind and am in love with the feeling of immense self discovery. Its been time I’ve actually shot for this particular blog post, and the cause for the delay is certainly the bug which pushed me to dive deeper into the essence of yoga. 

Its years since I’ve been introduced to yoga. My mom always kept a brush into being a yogi, and surrounded by the environment of yoga it was a practice which unknowingly became a habit. When I just turned teen, I clearly remember my brother and I bawling our lungs on the context of refusal to attend these Yoga-Meditation sessions. Like they say, the word of parents always does justice in the long run, it did!

Recalling my dad, shutting us off, and forcefully carrying us into the car, driving us to the designated location and just instructing us that he will be right there to pick us up when its over. It was a four day course  and hardest of all the days was the first. The feeling is so surreal even today, the both us went in crying and all that came back was pure happiness and smiles.

Over the year, the importance of yoga started to reflect in my lifestyle. Or wait, let me put it in this way, “I started to observe how it had been sculpting me!”. A misconception most carry is that yoga is only to mold your body or loose weight but the truth is, its much deeper. Its to expand your awareness, sharpen your intellect and to enhance your intuitive ability.

Yoga embraces your soul, nourishes your thoughts, induces heavy scales of positivity and in all brings you to life. Its a path you start and the mode of self and self discovery goes on like a flowing river. You create a shield around you which protects you and uplifts you in infinite ends.

I started my journey, a never ending one. Every individual has their point of creatively understanding oneself and I found it in the combination of yoga and meditation. Its easy said than done, and this process has clearly flashed the truth of the verse.

I’ll be writing more posts on Yoga and Meditation. Drop down a comment if you liked these kind of post. Much Love from me to each of you. Follow me on my social media and dive into my journey. 

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