The not so Cliche duo: Sweater dresses and Bombers Jackets.

Just as winter demands for warmer clothes, Hyderabad always impends on staying warm all year-long. Coming from a desert country, winters are something I always enjoyed. My attention was always on purchasing cute apparel which balanced being chic and also made me feel cozy. My creative efforts of binding snuggly pieces from all of the winter picks has always been amusing. Lately, my brother and I started to spend a lot of time on fashion talks, shopping, giving silly bits of advice to each other.Most of the time we’d go to retail stores, find the most attractive and cute winter collection and just wonder how to bring in winter looks at the same time not boil inside your own clothing. However, the city’s weather always adds as a perk allowing you to wear dresses during winter without freezing.

We collectively created these outfits, keeping a hint of out personal style yet blending in with friendly winter that we call it. Hope you’ll enjoy this type of content. We’ll, be working on more of these which include men’s fashion too.

Teamed a Bomber jacket with a Hoodie. This year’s winter trend killed the stereotype of wearing floral only during the summers.
Hoodie: H&M.
Bomber jacket: FOREVER21.


Watch: Lacoste.
Shoes: ZARA Man. Twill Jeans: H&M.
Sweater dresses are my fav when it calls for winter outfits. The one piece is so versatile. It Can be worn with Sneakers, leggings, boots, heels, fishnets, etc… etc…
I picked my most favorite basic black sweater dress, and used a leopard print woolen scarf. Animal prints never fall out of trend during the winter months and owning one of these is always a classic.
I summed this outfit with tie up tan colored boots, to balance the colors.     Dress: Signe, Kuwait. Scarf: FOREVER21. Bag: H&M. Sunglasses: RayBan. Boots: Elle.

Also, we both literally collaborated!! I clicked his pictures and he clicked mine. So now that explains ‘The not so Cliche duo’ well I suppose. 😉

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Hope you guys like this.

Do let us know down in the comments if you’d like to see more such content.

Thank you.

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