Navaratri Glitzz

Hello sweethearts!! Its been quite a while since I’ve updated a post. Being an architecture student pushes for utmost dedication towards its subjects and when such a demanding course alarms the exam season you can imagine the heat and the amount of work. Well never-mind, here I am, back with something new and my sincere apologies. I’ll surely work harder on creating frequent posts and fresh content. Thank you for all the love and support so far. Keep reading lovelies.

Culturally diverse, an amalgamation of numerous festivals and celebrations. It’s beautiful how shifting from one place to another puts you in the spot of an explorer and awakens your senses to things of beauty. The former lines synonymously define our country ‘India’. Beyond the shadow of doubt, India stands for its rich culture, festivals, languages I can go on. Living here and experiencing each norm has always proven to be exciting and always new.Since childhood, I’d always wait for the autumn season. The festive vibes followed by the wedding dhamakas are always amusing. Navratri and Diwali are my favorite festivals, the Pooja ceremonies, the gatherings, the depth of the rituals, the history behind the celebration never fail to catch my interest from when I was a child. The drill continues and never seems to get old. The most awaited and fancy event about Navratri is of course dandiya.

If you have been following me since when I started blogging, you’d have recorded my fascination of dressing up in Indian outfits yet keeping the vibe minimal and comfortable. On a typical dandiya night, all of us splurge on dancing, fill up our Snapchat and Instagram stories. I’ve adored dancing since forever, any form of dance holds impended value to me. I’ve always kept all my dance costumes free and airy, and when calling for a playful event like the dandiya night, my preference will always incline to being comfortable yet looking hep.

Here I’ve combined a few pieces I picked for Navratri. You can easily find similar pieces in your nearest retailers. Follow the pictures.

I clubbed a peplum koti (traditionally known as kediyu) with white dhoti pants.
Added a cute little sling bag. Remember to always carry a small handy bag on a dandiya night for your phone and car keys etc. Keeping this accessory petite will add to your comfort.
Peplum Koti: Max Fashion; Dhoti Pants: Go Colours; Sling bag: Lino Perros; Tank top: H&M.




To pull the elements of the traditional dandiya attire together, I wore an oxidized bracelet. Surprisingly, I found this bracelet in Claires ages ago.


No dhoti look is complete without jootis. I found these at a local exhibition. I’d suggest to wear good quality, comfortable shoes for the long night.

Picture Credits: Naveen Vipparti.

Thank You lovelies. If you do recreate this outfit, don’t forget to add a tag.

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