Turning 20: Ethnic Affair.

20, a major transition in the process of growing up. It’s funny how life toggles around an unstoppable cycle of aging. I still remember when I was turning thirteen, I acted as if I were asleep, waiting for the clock to tick 12′, so I could call myself a teenager. The excitement of being a year older never ends… On my sixteenth, I hopped and waited for my ‘sweet sixteen’. On my eighteenth, I progressed from a minor to a ‘major’. As I mature into a brewing adult, I giggle at all the times I urged to wake up as a twenty year old girl. And here I am, 20.

19th March 2017, the day I turned into a twenty year old. Well kudos to one of the most fanatic birthdays till date. The birthday bells, surprises, parties, cutting cakes, blowing candles, all are part of the birthday regime.. and most importantly dressing up. This year, dressing up called for a new game, ‘Ethnic’! Like I mentioned in my previous post ‘Westernizing Indian Wear’, decking up in an all put together Indian attire is not my cup of tea. A key to motivating my inner self, is breaking barriers and fears and which better day than your birthday??

Indian wear undoubtedly draws a sparkle to every woman and to walk in an attire is another zone of beauty. The effort to bring the true beauty of a lady, is still a wonder and true inspiration. Be it sarees, lenghas, kurtis or anarkalis, ethnic wear never fails to embrace elegance. The patent effort in the embroidery, weaving, stitching just leaves me awestruck. And to doll up in one of them is mesmerizing.

Emerging as an aspiring blogger splurges immense joy.. joy of learning, joy to grow, and joy to always be unique from the rest. In the panorama of thoughts, I bumped into an idea of featuring my girls in my blog. On my vogue of life, unexpectedly I met a few fellas I’d lend my life to. I called up each of them and fixed up a plan for an ethnic themed photo shoot on my 20th. Here’s to on of the best birthdays ever….

Keep reading.. πŸ˜‰



By far the favorite Indian outfit I own.


The color is what caught my eyes the most! Which girl doesn’t adore dressing up in a fine pink apparel?  The loveliest baby pink in the material of silk can never fail to gush a girls craving.

The intricate detail is something to be manifested.
The work is a combination of gold and silver. This offered an option to team it up with jewelry of both whites and gold hues. Earrings: Mom’s Cupboard, Kuwait (15KD).

The blouse has a collared neck, with a tear drop detail. I wore a watch and left my go to chain on. Watch: Michael Kors, Locket: Tanishq, India. Chain: Damas, Kuwait.
Say hello to my fairy tale lengha.
I added silver pumps to add to my Cinderella day. πŸ˜‰
Outfit: Neerus Emporio, Hyderabad.
Blushing baby in pink. Outfit 2.
Recreation of this stunning look from Anushree Reddy.
This is one of those little angels, who flaunts her crazy bulk of cuteness in motion and thoughts. Aneesha Dama..

thumbnail_FullSizeRender 8
Outfit details: Blush pink and white lengha with symmetric sequins work.

Paired it with Jhumkas, and a watch.

Bold as red and calm like blue. Outfit 3.
It’s a treasure how I met this soul. Unbelievably bold like the rock anthem and ironically warm like the love song.  Soofia Khan..
Outfit Details: Brocade blouse. the ghagra is embroider with silk thread.
Shoes: Charles and Keith.
Combined it with bangles and topped with Nykka Matte Nail Paint: Sapphire Dreams.

To match up, wore this neck piece from Sam Moon, USA
thumbnail_selected 5
The taintless pearl. Outfit 4.
The girl with a determination and the charm of a doll. Loving, expressive and all what calls for an unclouded soul.  Tanvisha Reddy..
thumbnail_selected 4

thumbnail_selected 3
Outfit details: Pearl white cropped-top and lengha in gold detailing. Flared with a pink banaras dupatta.
thumbnail_selected 2
The back is of net, casting the drama.
Outfit courtesy: Kanya Boutique.

FullSizeRender (1)
Aureate gold with flush of coral. Outfit 5.
FullSizeRender (4)
The irreplaceable spark of gold she is, sculpted with the blow to glamour within and throughout. Vaishnavi Rao..
FullSizeRender (2)
Outfit details: A self-designed apparel by this beauty. The trending cold shoulder cropped-top summed with a lustrous gold lengha.
The back has a tear drop detail. Material: Narsingh, Kukatpally.  (PC: Ashley Vipparti.)
Never a no to high heels. Footwear: Catwalk.
FullSizeRender (3)
Watch: Kate Spade. Bracelet: Marciano. Earrings: VAMA, Hyderabad. (PC: Ashley Vipparti.)

Picture Credits: Tanvisha Reddy.  

PC Tanvisha’s Pictures: Ashley Vipparti.

Location courtesy: World One School.

A heart filled thanks to everyone who has encouraged me and gets me going. Loads of love to my girlies!


9 thoughts on “Turning 20: Ethnic Affair.

  1. I am amazed with the presentation of fashion extravaganza.Dressed up in Lehengas dotted with elegance, glamour and vivacity is a joy to see. I wish you best for future endeavors.God bless you Jenny!!!!!!!❀


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