Simplifying Summer

Summer being most authentic season all over the world, comes with its own delusions. The sunny season gives never-ending reasons to script wonderful days.. vacations, beaches, travel stories and the ‘to-do’ list can go on. I’ve come from the land of the deserts; Kuwait. To maintain the equity of the hot and dry weather, majority of the time I stayed indoors. My house, school and dance studio was centrally air-conditioned and this became a reason why the terrible heat was never a threat. Sports never induces a feel-good vibe in me since my childhood, which added to my inclination to being an indoor person. Dancing was my main forte, which helped me maintain and sculpt my body. Residing in Kuwait, I built my own hub full of comforts.

It’s almost two years since I’ve moved to Hyderabad and to slip into the lifestyle of here is still processing for me. Summer is the most difficult season for me. The sun in Hyderabad is killer and to stay powered up the entire day is quit a task. I’m an architecture student and like the rhyme, it’s not an easy task to have easy routines for this profession! In addition to this, is the chaotic traffic which this city is famous for. Long hour travels for such short distances is more than wearing off.

Towards the end of the day, a dreadful fatigue lingers in the body; which naturally demolishes the efficiency of work. There were days when I felt sick, dull, feeble, and deeply demotivated about how this journey was turning out to be. My body was never ready to accept the surroundings and my mind never ready to give up. I’d sweat the entire day, feel exhausted without doing any chores, couldn’t sleep sound, the spice of the food added to my body heat, I can go on… As time passed I started my regime to aid my own self. Its summer time again, and I thought why not share my  theory with you all.

I’ve added a few detox/ rejuvenating health drinks to combat the tiredness. Keep reading… 🙂

1. Infused water

Apart from fading the monotonous taste of plain water, infused  water has a number of benefits. Water helps detoxify and flush all the toxins and boosts up the metabolism. I’ve added cucumber-lemon-mint infused water. Cucumber is a ‘superfood’ and highly nutrient rich.  Eating when you’re not actually hungry can lead to weight gain, sluggishness, and can throw you off your natural eating cycle. Cucumber water hydrates your body and cuts down fat. Lemon is rich in vitamin-C and helps refresh and keep your skin feeling healthy._MG_1822Things you’ll need:

  1. Cucumber
  2. Water
  3. Lemon/lime
  4. Bruised Mint Leaves
  5. Wooden spoon
  6. Mason jar



  • Fill the mason jar with water and add the sliced cucumber and lemon into the jar.


  • Add bruised mint leaves for the added refreshing flavor. Take a wooden spoon and gently squeeze the ingredients. Do not be too harsh.



  • Pop the mason jar in the refrigerator to sit over night and voilà, sip it through the day.


2. Green tea

Green tea is best known for keeping fit.

  • It has less caffeine compared to coffee. Coffee and black tea increase the body heat, adding to the brutal weather.
  • Green tea increases fat burning and physical performance.
  • It has powerful antioxidants which boost up your system.
  • Since its made from water, it keeps you feeling light and hydrated throughout.


The best things about green tea is its accessibility, you can pick your favorite flavour from your supermarket come home and make yourself a refreshing beverage.

Things you’ll need:

  1. Green tea bags of your choice. I’ve chosen Lime & Mint from Tetley tea.
  2. Boiled Water
  3. Mason jar/ cup
  4. Honey


  • Add  1 tbsp. of honey. Remember not to add too much honey, it increases the body heat.


These few alternative flavours for green tea.
3. Watermelon Smoothie.

To the most significant fruit of the season.. WATERMELON. The high water content in this fruit makes it highly preferable during summers. I see watermelon vendors at every 100m. distance. I’m not a watermelon lover, but the source brings immense relief and helps combat the summer heat.

  • It’s highly fibrous and helps in digestion.
  • its  water-content is responsible for flushing out unwanted toxins in the body.
  • watermelon is rich in vitamin B6 and relieves from stress and fatigue.
  • It contains essential amino acids which improve blood flow and relax blood vessels.


Things you’ll need:

  1. One bowl of cut watermelon.
  2. Blender/ juicer.
  3. Mason jar
  4. Mint leaves.
  • My blender is a multi purpose blender from Panasonic. The jar has a filter in the center which separates the seeds from juice.
  • Add the watermelon slices to the blender and bleenddddd. I already refrigerated my watermelon slices, you can add ice if you wish to.
Rejoice this beauty to the fullest. 😉

Every quaff of this drink leaves you so fresh, like you just dunked your face into a pool full of ice.


Picture credits: ME. =D


Tea bags:



4 thoughts on “Simplifying Summer

  1. Extremely nice and amazing health drinks in summer. Indeed awesome drinks everyone should try !!!!
    Keep posting with more of these kind of recipes.


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