Westernizing Indian Wear


Wearing Indian clothes definitely is one of the most exciting situations for all ethnic girls. You can surely count me in that list. It’s surprising to me, how many endless beautiful options one has while thinking about Indian wear. The most appreciable aspect about Indian accouterments is, even the simplest elements create undefinable elegance to a woman.

Personally, I adore the glam Indian apparel add to me. Residing in Kuwait I’ve inclined myself to the casual and western style of dressing. There were lesser than few opportunities which required wearing Indian outfits. Comfort in clothing always comes first in the order of elements for designing. Beyond the shadow of doubt, I cherish every spec of detail in the Indian garments, for sometimes too much of good can get heavy.

Haha.. JK. I love to slip in the most comfy pair of denims and hop into a tee, but on those days when the call for Indian; let it be festivals, parties, weddings, sangeets, I go gaga O_o. Over the last year, I’ve found the cheesiest hacks and to handle a crew of heavy Indian outfits is a frame I do not fit into. This is the most intricate affair for me and I only leave myself startled with the contemporary- chic looks you can create.

Outfit 1:
Combined a simple cropped blouse with printed culottes. I wore some bling slip-ons to add the glit of Indian, yet keeping it comfy.
Cropped Blouse: Max Fashions.
Culottes: Max Fashions.
Outfit 2:
I personally love this look. Slipping into a pair of denim shorts and dropping a kurti on, this is love.
Kurti: W , Shorts: Diesel.


Outfit 3:
Calling for the most effortlessly chic outfits of all. Paired a Phulkari Jacket with white pants and a tank top.
Jacket: Gift, Bottoms: Xtremez by Splash, Tank top: Nuon by Westside.
Outfit 4:
Well I can never get enough of this attire. You can create several different looks just by doing the mix-n-match game.
Paired a Lengha from my wardrobe with a basic black crop top and created this look.
Crop top: Ginger by Lifestyle.
Lengha: Signe, Kuwait
Slip-ons: Max Fashions.
Flats: Westside.



Thank You all for the immense love and support.

Keep pouring in all your comments.

PHOTO CREDITS: Tanvisha Reddy. Instagram: @tanvisha97

9 thoughts on “Westernizing Indian Wear

  1. Very good looking & presentable Indian outfits as well as well picturised by Miss. Tanvisha Reddy.



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