Formally Casual

The context is quite easy when split, but when put together understanding it might become quite tricky. It is a tedious job when the dress up has to be formal, yet maintaining the cut of casualty!!

College is one such place. On a routine, it is very important to feel comfortable. Simultaneously, to splendor keeping yourself at ease can complicate a bit.

Initially, it was a tough exercise for me.Falling to a zone where the belief of ’being close to nature’ is practiced as a norm was beyond difficult. As time has passed I have learnt to simplify even the most complex situations in simpler ways, and decking up to college surely comes down in the list.

It’s definitely unbelievable how formal wear and casual styles team up to slay chic and throw the elegance. You will be surprised to discover the endless looks you can create by using what you own and are unaware of what magic they can create. After all, opposite values always complement each other.

Here, I have chosen the most simplest pieces from my wardrobe and clubbed them together to create the following looks.

This is one of my go to looks.
I teamed a shirt with palazzos and a watch.
Shirt: Splash.


Palazzo: Neerus India.
Look 2:
Who doesn’t love denims? For all those denim lovers out there, here’s one look which you can ace by simply slipping in your most comfy jeans.
I clubbed the formal shirt with my favorite pair of jeans. Shirt: Annabelle by Pantaloons. Denims: Forever21.
Look 3:
This is definitely my favorite of them all. Unbelievably, I purchased the pants thinking they are parallel pants, until I realized that these actually were pajama pants.
Shirt: Jealous 21. Pajamas: Sleepwear by Shyla.
Quick tip 1: Wear a chic watch for all your go to outfits to minimize accessories. Watch: ESPRIT
Quick tip 2: Sneakers are the utmost comfiest footwear for all outfits. You can walk all day long at ease. Sneakers: VANS.

PC: TANVISHA REDDY. @tanvisha97 – Instagram.

9 thoughts on “Formally Casual

  1. Well written. It is a well known fact that life makes a person change in various ways and it is upto you how you receive or accept these changes. I must say, I’m quite impressed of how you’ve turned up and used the changes to emerge as a lovely woman and as long as I’ve known you, babe you have really good fashion taste and I adore it. Love the outfits ❤️ Keep it coming baby 😘

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Really a great start Jenny!!! I have already seen a fashionista in you. Now I can see a budding writer too!! Keep up the writing and good luck dear.

    Lots of love


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